Estate Probate

Our office has many years of experience in probating wills in the five Boroughs of the City of New York and in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. The Law Office of Marianne Gonzalez provides personalized legal representation in dealing with all aspects of the probate process.

Probate is the process whereby the Surrogate Court considers the validity of a Will and accepts it. Surrogate Courts also administer estates where there is no will. The court with the guidance of an estate attorney will administer the process whereby assets are gathered in an estate and properly transferred from the deceased to people that the Will indicates should receive the asset, or where the decedent dies, without a Will, to the next of kin. This probate process can be a complicated process. If a family member loved one or friend has died, you should consult with an experienced Estate Attorney.

We have many years of experience in probating wills in the City of New York Surrogate Courts or the Courts of Nassau and Suffolk County. We will assist you in this time of need and be there to assist you in every step of the process.

Our service is unparalleled. To learn how to put our firm extensive knowledge and experience to work for you please call us for an appointment.