A will is an important legal document that allows you to distribute your assets in accordance with your wishes to the person that you designate to receive them. In a will you can designate specific individuals to receive your property at the time of death.

A will also gives you the opportunity to appoint someone to raise your children if you and the other child’s parent is deceased. The will can also provide for the guardian for a minor child and the legal responsibilities of the guardian to see to it that the children’s best interest is taken care of.

If you die without a will then you are considered to have died intestate. In intestate situations, a court will distribute your assets pursuant to New York Intestate Inheritance Laws. This eliminates your choice in allocating your assets according to your wishes.

A will is a simple document that can be drafted by an experience Estate Attorney at a reasonable cost. It is imperative if you have assets, a spouse, children or other loved ones, family and friends that you have a will. We pride ourselves on providing excellent estate planning services, including review and preparation of a last will and testament.

If you have a current will, it is necessary, that you periodically update it if your wishes change and you would like to change the allocation of assets. In addition, the laws pertaining to Estates change and to properly plan for your estate it is necessary that periodic review and changes be made to a Will to ensure that you are taking advantage of every estate planning tool in the drafting of the will. We will review your existing will and amend it to fully take advantage of current estate laws.