Real Estate

Our extensive experience will assist you in handling your real estate transaction.

• Handle all due diligence issues in the complex process of real estate transactions.
• We facilitate the entire process by reviewing all contracts, coordinating financing with banks,
performing title reviews and attending the closing on your behalf.
• Recommend a competent engineer or home inspector to conduct a detailed inspection.
• We review and protect you so that you are provided accurate fees and by your lender and assist
you in complying with any conditions to facilitate a closing.
• Personal service and qualified real estate advise.
• We handle both residential and commercial transactions including

1. Purchase and sale of private homes
2. Condominium and cooperative representation
3. Purchase and sale of commercial properties

In addition, to our experience with real estate transactions, we have accumulated many relationships with a variety of experts, including engineers, architects, title agents, insurance agents, brokers and lender. These experts can assist in ensuring a successful transaction.

When you are entering a real estate transaction, you want to ensure that everything goes according to your plan, and you want to know you are getting exactly what you have bargained and expect.

With our office protecting your rights, you can feel safe in the knowledge that every detail will be looked at and every step followed to ensure that you get the best service and you get exactly what you bargained for and expect. Our experience and expertise will insure we examine and review all transaction documents, such as the purchase contract, title reports, inspection report, bank documents to protect your rights.

We have been helping clients since 1985 in a variety of real estate transactions and facilitating successful real estate transactions. Many issues arise and problems come up. You can be assured that we will assist you navigate the complexities and potential problems and protect your rights.

The attorney that you select to represent you in a real estate transaction is one of the most important decisions you will make in the process of purchasing or selling residential or commercial real estate.